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Does your software retain and track all the important product information you sell such as Serial Number, Model, Warranty information, or any other number meaningful to you? If not, use this software to extend the "Sales Product Data Tracking" capability. You can import the data from your system easily, then add your missing data. This system also provides extensive search capability. With a moclick , you can even get the Warranty Expire Lists.

Publisher description

This software is designed to track the products sold to customers by Serial Number, Model Number, or any other codes or numbers relevant to your business. This software also tracks the Product Warranty Expiration Dates. You may already have a Sales and Distribution system that tracks some of the data. However, (1) if your system does not keep the data that is very important to you, or (2) you do have the data, but it is not easy to search and track on them, then this software can fill the gap by providing the missing data, or the search capability. You can import your historical sales data from your existing Sales and Distribution system through Excel interface that is already built in. Once the data is imported to this system, you may manually supplement the missing data. Although this system is never intended to be the replacement of your Sales and Distribution system, you can even manually enter the sales data from scratch.
Long-term free evaluation period to make sure you are in business.

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